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Donate Car to Kids | How to Donate Your Car Children?

Donate Your Car for Kids, Whose Are Helpless

Who doesn’t love children? But the bitter truth is, thousands of children’s are still underprivileged under the influence of different situations. But a small donation can make a huge difference in their life. Look around, in your local communities, children’s are deprived of their basic needs. In such a situation, your donation can surely render some support to them and can these innocent lives smile again.

Donate Car
Donate Car

Today I am going to tell you about donating a car for kids program. Donate your car for kids and ensure the support for children’s hospital, educational program, mentoring, etc. and make their childhood flourish again.

You need to know about some steps and basics before donating your car

How Does It Work?
  • After getting the call from the tow company, they will come to your location and tow the car. There is no obligation that needs to follow for dropping the vehicle. You are free to fix the time whenever you want like days or night or weekends. You just need to confirm your location and time to the tow company over the phone.
  • The charity will determine the value of your car if it is good enough to contribute to charities. After a successful evaluation, they will arrange a day and time. If you agree with them, then you do not need to be at home when the tow truck will come to pick up your vehicle.
  • After having the vehicle, the charity will proceed to wholesale it. All the money from that is going to be used to help kids. The good news is there are no fees (Administrative fees) need to be paid. This program is totally free for a donor. You can stay relaxed about the donation. It’s going to help the deprived kids directly in the city you live in. 
  • There is some requirement you need to fulfill to give the clearance to the charity to make a successful donation. You need the tile to the vehicle. It will ensure the there is no obligation from your side for any kind of claim, especially as a seller. But there is an option you can utilize and that is the license plate of the donated car. You can take it and return to the Registry office. Even this license plate could be used in another of your vehicle.
  • You will be notified after your vehicle has been sold. You will receive a latter. In this latter, the selling amount will be motioned that are going to charity to help kids. This latter also is known as a tax receipt. After the running tax year, you can claim a tax deduction by using the receipt. It’s considered as a financial benefit for the donor. But the process of receiving the latter will take one to two weeks.
Tips for a safe and successful donation

Every task has some process to follow. A car donation nothing different in this manner either. But here I can give you some tips that might help to make the process easier for you.  

Donate Car to Kids
Donate Car to Kids

Research the charity: Before donating a car need you to need to take a decision. So, try to provide accurate information that is going to help the charity to evaluate the vehicle. It also helps to define the accountability of the charity. You can also have an option to know how the charity operates and where the destination goes. Try to select that charity which is very much transparent and trustworthy in every aspect. But this is not the last thing consider to select a qualified charity. You also need to know about the registration of the charity.

Donate Car to Charity
Donate Car to Charity

If the charity registered under section 501 ©3, then you can get a tax receipt which helps to make a claim for a tax deduction. In the IRS website, you will have all the name of qualified charities. You can pick anyone as you wish.

Avoid scams: There will always be right and wrong, good and bad. The same thing goes for charity as well. Consumers reported against hundred of charity scams. So, be careful about what you are going to do. Make sure that you are on the right way to select the best charity in the city. Fake charities also became a common threat to society. You may fall in the trap by a charity which doesn’t even actually exist. Some people say that being proactive is better than reactive. It’s especially true for car donation. Find a trustworthy charity if you want to help people especially the children’s.

Ask Questions: There are lots of charities you will find which accept cars directly. Even complete the transaction as well. These types of activity can make a great impact on your donation. They are maybe a fundraiser which follow commercial ways. So, ask the authority directly about this activity. Sometimes people have to pay the towing company for their cars. But while dealing with the charity, you won’t need such things. You can drive your own car directly to them. Keep a record that the charity is going to use your car or giving it away or auctioning it off. In your tax file, this information is going to be considered as an essential one.  

Paperwork is important: You must keep the record when transferring the title of the car to charity. Every charity will ask you to leave the assignment of ownership. Do not sign in a blank paper because it’s a red flag. Donating a car to a nonprofit organization is another way to be responsible for any tickets. It happens when the car used for any crime.

Conclusion: Nowadays, donating a car is very easy. Just make a call and hand over the vehicle to the charity. Remember that, your donation is a huge support for the children who are deprived of all kinds of basic needs. In short, it’s a meaningful way of searching for happiness. Not only in your city, by donating the car, can you support all the affected children all over the world. They will get education, food, medicine, home and last a peaceful life of their own. Don’t waste your time, take a decision and donate your car, support the kids to fulfill their needs.

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